George Oshawa’s number 7 Diet, or how I got stiff as a board!

by Lae LetMeGetMyBag

Yes yes yes, I made it!!  I managed to finish the famous (?) George Oshawa number 7 diet 🙂  As you know I’m a Macrobiotic student,  and this diet is the strictest of the macrobiotic diets and consists of eating only whole rice or other few whole cereals for 10 days.!!  The best explanation I’ve found so far is in Portuguese in this amazing blog or in English here.

So,  what happens when you go 10 days eating only whole rice (by the way,  it makes sense to also remove any other products from your habits like alcohol,  caffeine,  tobacco,  etc.)?

I will at some point add more information here about how it went and what I have learned. Keep Tuned!

What about you?

Have you ever tried this diet? Are you thinking of trying it but don’t really know how or if you should? Let me know in the comments below!

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