Genesis – The Beginning of the Journey


Hi all,

I have started this post countless times for the past week – and it always becomes either too big or too impersonal or, at the end, without the information that it should have.

I don’t think I will go into too much detail and will just go through the two major events that originated this blog/project coming to life.

The first one happened this past summer: I have realized that there are too many books, posts, articles, etc.. , written by people who are truly happy and do what they like – they are already working their passions and dreams. Sometimes these stories explain the people’s stories that got them there – but they are only written in the aftermath – where most of the truly puzzling things have been solved and forgotten (or less important that they seemed at the time).
What I noticed was that I haven’t yet found a story written by someone who managed to triumph (aka: find their path and do what they love) written and describing the steps of the process in the present. Since I believe I will get there at some point – why not start now and start writing my story and the steps I am taking to get there?

The second one happened somewhere at the end of the summer when I started the first level of a coaching certification. It became very clear to me that my passion revolves around children and their education. I have been studying Macrobiotics for a while now (not just the diet, but the whole philosophy) and understood that my dream relates to a combination of all these passions (and some more that will probably appear in the process). Although whatever this mix will become is still not clear – I know it doesn’t need to be yet. It will become clear and it will change a lot in the process – for now, let’s say it is a space where children can learn at their own pace and be free to be children!
Hence, and still, a coaching certification includes some coaching sessions, I managed to set some time aside and dedicate it to writing this blog.

There is a countless number of subjects that will feature here – since I love them and they are part of me and this journey:

  • Macrobiotics – I am currently studying, in my second year. It is more than food or diet – more on this in a future post.
  • Yoga – I started yoga a few years ago and since I did it made complete sense. I haven’t been practicing regularly but I intend to start again soon – my body misses it!
  • Environmental and Social Subjects- It is the world we live in!
  • Children, Education, Psychology and Cognitive Development – I have been passionate about this subject since I studied it for my master thesis. For some reason, that at the time made sense, I didn’t pursue it – but the interest remained here.
  • FUN and JOY!!!!!! Because life isn’t without celebration
  • Personal Development – Which is, for me, all of the above plus some extra subjects that sometimes appear in my life

Just so who else reads this understands the purpose of this blog (and so that it is clear to me as well) my goals are:

  1. Document the whole personal and professional process of reaching/working towards a dream;
  2. Find people, in the process, who are interested in helping or contributing somehow (feel free to contact me, for a chat, with ideas, suggestions or tips!)
  3. Putting myself and this idea really out there
  4. Create a process of studying and documenting what I have been doing. If nothing else, it will be fun to read someday!

So… I have already written too much for a statement post.

Let’s start this journey – I will be keeping this up, at least once a week 🙂 Come back for more!

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