Throwback to my last college year..


It was the middle of the night (2/3am) and I was in the computer lab all by myself. The department headteacher passes by as he leaves and looks inside seeing me seated in a desk with a scissor in my hand, and doing what seemed like arts & crafts.

There was something not quite right in the scenario but most people in the computer department had some sort of quirk about them so the teacher only asked if everything was OK, as he was leaving the department for the “day”.

“yes, all perfect! Just finishing up for tomorrow :I have the UX tests in the school early in the morning” I said as if I knew exactly what was waiting for me the next day..

You know: back there and then I was exactly where I wanted to be. To be fully honest, that night was terrifying. I had the UX, live tests the next day and I only got that one shot. My master thesis TLDR would either be : “we can assume this approach is worth investigating” or “let’s not go this way” based on that next day. And yet I was so happy just cutting, cropping and gluing things together.. That whole year was magical in some way and while I don’t remember it often I do think about it every once in a while and what the life would’ve been had I decided to follow that path.

Yet, there and then I was researching children UX, paired with Pedagogy and got to study and learnand create an Augmented Reality table in the process. It was SO Fun!!!

Oh well, 10 years went by already and whole I still have no regrets of any kind sometimes that night comes to my mind and the serenity/calmness feeling of “I am doing awhat I am supposed to” with it.


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