Zen Tech Girl Manifest

by Lae LetMeGetMyBag
Geek Professional Manifesto

I wanted you to know that any post in this blog will always be, as is life, a Work In Progress 🙂

I am working towards a Digital Nomad goal: I want to be able to do what I know from anywhere in the world, helping people who don’t really know about technology but do need help getting there: whether this means helping to draft an idea or project, creating a blog, setting up an e-commerce store or booking platform or helping to automate tasks and processes that are just taking you too much time and energy. I know that everyone has their own gifts and should be able to spend their time pursuing their dreams and energy focusing on developing and spreding those gifts, instead of running around trying to understand how the whole internet / digital world means and how a whole bunch of different tasks can be accomplished automatically. Hence, this is (for now) my mission!


“An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.”

Instead of drafting blog titles and ideas somewhere no one can see them I chose a different approach: I will use this post as a to do list of ideas and topics:

  • Productivity Projects and Tests
  • One year, 12 projects: how to organize one year to learn new skills or deepen the ones you already have (one day at a time)
  • How to choose the right blogging platform ?
  • How to easily setup a new blog ( -> TODAY <-)
  • Forget the excuses – start it now!
  • Setting up an e-commerce to automate your tasks – the easy way!
  • Should you get a VA ? Pros & Cons
  • What I’ve learned in Udemy’s “Web Developer Bootcamp” | Review
  • What I’ve chosen to learn this month
  • Note taking + Bullet Journaling
  • Work Life Balance – How to & What’s holding you back
  • Becoming a Digital Nomad – why and how would you do it ?
  • Working remote – why and how should you do it?
  • Steps for professional freedom…

If you see any that you would like researched and further explained, do let me know!


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