And just like that – it all came back to me :)

by Lae LetMeGetMyBag
tea and pile of books

I love reading! I love writing! I would be happy if surrounded by books all day!

As with any other love, the need to have some personal space and distance arises sometimes. The thing is – for the past months I haven’t read that much. I can not quite point a reason, but although it was on my mind, the will was never strong enough.

However, in the past few weeks, this will just came back flooding my life! Well, to be half honest, a new idea / life project just popped into my mind and life and, together with the long forgotten happiness of starting a new day, a motivation to read anything I could get my hands on this specific subject just popped in.

Although I don’t yet want to divulge what it is (expectations setting) I am very thrilled and motivation, as if someone just plugged me in some sort of energy supply that was there but disconnected.

Of course I know what this is – in macrobiotics is all about focus and willpower (water and metal elements). Once again, as goes in Yin & Yang, there is no beginning or ending to this.. Like the chicken and egg, they come hand in hand: the physical feeling and mental/emotional one. And they can come from the inside influencing the external world or the other way around. The thing is : it is great when it happens!

It is such a great way to start a new year! Well, a Calendar Year. Of course that those of you who know me know that this (as everything else) means whatever we want it to mean. For the me yearly cycle starts in three different dates:

  • 1st Jan – Calendar Year – the whole world (well, a great part of it, anyway) joins in celebration. It is, after all, the date we set as our Earth’s Birthday!
  • 5th Feb – Chinese New Year – I study macrobiotics so of course this date means something to me. The Chinese calendar and astrology are such an inspiration for me that this date has to be part of my celebrations calendar
  • 30th Mar – I wouldn’t call myself egotistic but how can one be centered and not acknowledge our own birthday as a great date? Well yes, I’ve completed another turn around the sun! I’m still here! I have so many things to me grateful about! For many years now, this is the date I look inside, the date I set my goals for the next 12 months, the date I think about the last 12.. Well, it pretty much feels like my day! And week (as gypsies do, I love having looooong celebrations πŸ™‚ ).

Well, all this to say πŸ˜› I am back reading and writing and commenting and… living! πŸ™‚

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