Why taking action is so important

by Lae LetMeGetMyBag
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So.. I have finished the book I started two days ago. I haven’t disclosed which book it was – doesn’t seem relevant! What’s relevant is that reading it led me to a whole chain of thought on taking action that I want to share here!
As I finished it I started looking through my kindle to start a new one, taking advantage of the newly found will to read! The problem is, none of them appealed to me! For some reason, I had lost it again. I was trying to understand if it was the book itself, the setting or the headspace.
Then I remembered one thing I learned in my Coaching course: our head is like a big jar – at some point, it will get full unless we empty it ourselves. But what does this mean? It is not like we have a limited knowledge.
The thing is if we keep on learning/reading and listening to others but we don’t share what we learn – it is too much for us. However, if we teach, talk or write about all the thoughts and newly found wisdom we acquire, we create space for more.
Now, there is no scientific proof of what I am saying and you can argue it is not true. You might even be right! For me – it makes sense. It also explains how every time I read a book, learn a new skill or go through an online course on something my mind gets full of new thoughts. It also explains how, as I walk on the streets going from point A to point B, my head completes full dissertations on subjects I have never given true thought.
The good thing is: when I understand what I have been thinking I think “this would make a great blog post!”. The problem is: I never actually write anything down. It just keeps on filling my head of subjects I could write about: “to be” posts.
As I went through this thought I tried to understand what might be the problem, why didn’t I just put it out there? I realized that this was due to the stupid little impediments I have created, the things that got me stuck in the first case. Little things I came to believe one has to decide BEFORE creating or posting – answers to questions like:
  • who is my target audience?
  • what do they want to know/learn/read?
Which lead me to a number of subjects people might be longing to read / learn but, by themselves, don’t give me the joy to write.
Who I am is a mix of all the subjects I am passionate about.
There is no way I could write about some subjects or anything personal and leave other subjects out.
But the thing is – as I come to this conclusion a practical question arises: how do I organize it all? Should I create categories? Which ones? What about the posts that span multiple ones? And these are the questions that get me stuck Every Single Time!

The decision

In order to unblock this, I will forget all about categories and tags and whatever it is that is blocking me and just write about whatever I want. At some point I will feel the need to organize it, and – hopefully- it will all make so much sense!!!
Up until then.. Enjoy my tiny digital chaos 🙂
Credits: Photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar on Unsplash

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